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I have to do some writing about my work and I’m dreading it.  I don’t feel very articulate about what I do, and I don’t have a clear idea of what people want to know about me or my art.  I did brainstorm a list of stuff about the work I’m currently doing, maybe I need a ghost-writer to shape it.  I wonder if people still hire ghost-writers, it seems such an old-fashioned term.

I’m not a writer at heart (I used to say I avoid writing the way I avoid cutting myself with knives, that is, sometimes it happens despite my best efforts), so it has surprised me how much I enjoy publishing a blog, but my posts do tend to be pretty brief.


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This is one of a few black and white pieces I’m working on.

I was talking with a very talented painter yesterday whose works range from notebook-size to barn wall-size.  I know very few people who are comfortable working both very small and very large, and she modestly told me that working on something three times as tall as herself was not much of a challenge, that working small took much more skill.  As someone who works exclusively on a small and smaller scale I can’t agree – I wouldn’t even know where to start on a big piece.  I did do the one door-sized piece, but not only is that not terribly big, the composition was pure luck.

I adore huge paintings, if I could afford one of her larger pieces it would be worth getting rid of furniture to give it space.  Actually, depending on which one I chose, I might just have to build the house around it.  Which would be totally worth doing to have her painting of the Venus columns and l’abbaye-école (not on her website, sadly, and neither is the lovely ‘Icare’ which might require a small tower addition to the house).  I just need to sell a bazillion of my small works, then I’ll get right to that.

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toujours venu

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That was a long break from posting – I was living in an internet-free area last month, then travel interfered with my productivity (but it was fun!).

I have been meeting the most wonderful people lately, so many artists live here and more migrate to and congregate in this area.  It has been a fantastic privilege to be invited into so many studios, quelle chance!

I am still trying to figure out how to describe these pieces when called upon to talk about them, ‘mixed media’ sounds so vague.

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