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When the hounds and I came back from our walk the other morning this little guy was taking a nap on the front door.


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12 November, 2008 at 7:00 pm (life) (, , , )

dsc_0348adsc_0351adsc_0346a1As is probably clear, even though I haven’t posted many photos of my work on here (I will, I swear), I am of the salvaging-type persuasion.  Sometimes something out-of-the-ordinary turns up which starts me in a new direction artistically, but today’s find (above) has me imagining I am staying here aa and planning in the next few months to explore a bit here picture-89ja before returning to do some archaeology with my permaculture friend from yesterday’s post (who, when I met him, was involved with antiquities at a major museum).

I was happy that the canvas cover had managed to stay with the suitcase all these years, and that it is all in such good shape despite the canvas being wet.

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