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This is one of the pieces that doesn’t seem to be quite finished, but I’m not sure what it needs.  I keep going across the room to look at it, but the solution has not jumped out at me, so I will let it sit a while then try again.  It’s funny how time can change what one sees in a work.

I am listening to a frog out in the woods while I work but the birds are quiet now.  I’m going to take a dozen of the apples weighing down the trees out back and make a crisp, then take the fiendish hounds for a long run on a trail nearby, they weren’t with me for the last two months of travelling and the one I adopted last year didn’t do so well with the separation (she stopped eating and lost a lot of fur).  The dogs I’ve rescued from shelters seem to do worse when I’m away, plus she is a dominant dog and doesn’t like the boss being absent, so long walks now that I’m back are essential.

Hopefully the time outside will be enough so that I can look at the pieces I’m unsure about and know what they need.


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change of focus

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before a month of lock up then adoption

before a month of lock up, then adoption

Building is such a different mindset than locating materials, sometimes at first it is hard to not to wander off and explore yet another possible source of more parts. ( I am grateful that there are people who are willing to package up fiddly little broken bits and put the word out instead of throwing them in the trash – I hate breaking things, especially if they are old, and I need material to build with.)  After resisting the urge to hunt and gather, it’s easy to go too far the other direction and find myself trying to build a tiny steam engine when I don’t actually need to power anything, it just needs to look like it’s possible.  Finally, after cruising back and forth picking up, fitting together, rejecting parts and picking up others, I’ll have the pieces I think I need.  A bit of a wrestle, trying to make them work in a way they were not engineered to do, then rivets and glue hold everything together.  The next day I face the mass of boxes and trays and wonder how I ever got an idea for the last project.

The photo is one of the pack of dogs who keeps me company and reminds me to take long walks, this was the picture the shelter took when her previous owner turned her in.  After a month of not eating the pound’s dog food she looked even worse, but nine months later she’s the pretty girl of the bunch.  I’ll post a current photo later.

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