yet more Antikythera Mechanism

11 December, 2008 at 5:50 am (ancient devices) (, , , , , )

Since I linked to Tony Freeth’s video on the Antikythera Mechanism a couple months ago, and it was so lovely, I assumed I wouldn’t be revisiting that bit of ancient technology here so soon, but between Michael Wright’s reconstruction on Youtube (I am weak for that kind of thing), and the release of  Jo Marchant’s book (I’ve enjoyed her articles in ‘New Scientist’ and ‘Nature’), here we are again.  Ms Marchant’s book will be available in the U.S. January 2009, or you can order it now from


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Antikythera Mechanism, part 2

30 October, 2008 at 7:08 am (ancient devices) (, , , , )

Happy day (yes, I am that much of a geek)!  I was sent this link to a beautiful piece on the Antikythera Mechanism (it looks fantastic when watched full-screen) which also has glimpses of some other re-creations I’m going to have to look into.

*[Kris Hirst’s article complements the ‘Nature’ video and has photos and diagrams from the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project.]

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Antikythera Mechanism

28 October, 2008 at 7:30 pm (ancient devices) (, , , , )

I was hoping, since the news this summer, that someone would come up with better animations of the Antikythera Mechanism but this was the best I could find (besides poor animation and visuals most of the videos have such irritating soundtracks).

*[Later note:  A wonderful video with great animations is at Antikythera Mechanism, part 2, and here is a photo essay to complement it with photos, x-rays, and diagrams from the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project.]

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