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An experiment gone awry.

I love a bit of decay incorporated into things, which is why I love old buildings, Michael Eastman’s photos, and the furniture I inherited (although a small fund to keep the chairs glued and un-wobbly would have been a good thing to inherit along with). I’ve been working on a way to include that in some of my pieces, but how best to partially destroy my work?

Here is a piece I’ve been wreaking minor destruction on, pre-destruction:

It definitely needs some decay, so I go to work on it, trying to balance giving it some integrity while still leaving it vulnerable:

Then I become Kali, speeding up the destructive force of time, and the result is:

Far too much decay!

Tomorrow, back to the easel, so to speak. I will repair it to wreak (less) havoc on it another day.

At least it won’t need this treatment:

Done to erase the result of another experiment. One not to be repeated.


  1. Mike Jennings said,

    Don’t throw the end result on the scrap heap just yet. It’s not the foreground piece you wanted but it can certainly be salvaged as the background or an element in something else. Right now it’s still got some evocative mystery to it. Murking it up even further with beeswax or a couple coats of gel medium would make it indistinct and intriguing.

  2. Derek Hodkin said,

    these are good . . a possible new direction and after all roses and butterflies are ephemeral things . . like all of us!!

  3. blue-eyed crow said,

    Thank you, both of you. I do love some mystery, I just thought this piece might have a bit too much! And this flower and butterfly were definitely ephemeral.
    I’m having trouble keeping to the Middle Path – the pieces I’ve reworked end up looking either un-damaged or overly damaged, so I’m going to experiment with making some look aged as I create them instead of attacking them afterwards.

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