moth letter

13 November, 2009 at 9:46 pm (art, blue-eyed crow, work) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

moth letter

I am working on some butterfly/moth + flower images this week, this is the one closest to being finished.

I’ve been experimenting with encaustic and layers of vellum and paper, I love how the vellum resists ink, gathering it up, making the image even more translucent. The ones that turned out best had pale colours and a limited palette.

Time is limited because I’m getting a lot of small pieces ready for a show, so back to the bugs…



  1. Derek Hodkin said,

    this looks good and it would/will be good to see it in reality . . . I really am being ‘converted’ to your elegant and sensitive oeuvres in a medium I know little about. Too late for me to experiment I fear but one day BEFORE I am ‘old & grey’ then I could purchase one of your works . . .the only only limiting thing to me is size . .against that it would be possible to post such articles or are they rigid afterwards? Early days, just glimmerings of avarice but I am interested – maybe you need ‘an agent in France?!!!’

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    Most of my current pieces are very small and so not too difficult to post even though they have to be packed flat, the ones for an upcoming show range from 5″x8″ down to 1.5″x3″. I mailed a larger print (18″x24″) to England last week, but most of the pieces have not been reproduced. I will bring some with me someday when I manage to get back to your lovely village so you can have a better idea of what they look like.

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