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These are from this summer, all in my mom’s neighbourhood.

I’m working with photos for a few days to distract myself from some technical difficulties with the other series I’ve been working on. I’ve looked around to see if anyone else is doing a similar process with inks, pencil and encaustic, but haven’t seen any, so I’ll go back to experimenting with the propane torches tomorrow. So far nothing big has caught fire or blown up, that’s good anyway.

Earlier this evening I was showing a friend the website of one of my favourite photographers, Michael Eastman – his Cuban and Italian photos are incredible. Then I learned of the death of Roy DeCarava, another amazing photographer. I was trying to pick a few of his photos that I liked best, but it is so hard to choose. This is one of many, and this, and this. They are so evocative.

Now that I have loaded my photos onto this post I’ve decided I don’t like the way they look small. I love how art has such a different effect at different sizes (except when it doesn’t work small on my blog). I spent the day at an art museum with some friends recently, and was loving the difference between various pieces close up and at a distance. And the texture, that fantastic delicate texture of drawings and miniatures, it’s all completely lost in reproduction.



  1. Derek Hodkin said,

    Leonardo ‘lost’ most of his paintings by using ‘encaustic’ techniques I think but he obviously did not have a ‘propane torch’ . . gosh, we only use that for creme brulee!! (a note in passing re your 2nd picture is that M. Blaquirre (85) who lived in that lovely house on the corner of rue Peyvert – died the other day . .we went to his funeral here in Soreze yesterday . . well your Mum will be interested . ). .

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    I’m sorry to hear about M. Blaquirre! My condolences to his friends and family.
    It’s hard to lose work to experiments, luckily I don’t risk losing anything on Leo’s level 😉 I have a vision of what I want but am just having trouble finding a way to make it happen – it’s just me over-thinking and over-complicating things, as usual.
    On the other hand I just had an 18″x24″ print made of ‘fenetre’, the print turned out well and I will be mailing it off to someone in England tomorrow.

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