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These are views of the town today, local products day, but I spent my food money for the next few weeks on these streets yesterday at the vide-grenier (flea market) on bits for assemblages, so I enjoy the fragrance of the food only.  The live music and dancing last night had everyone out late after our street dinner party (good company, delicious food).


This is a big part of today.  The horse and rider on the course did some amazing manoeuvres, the blond with the forelock is a total sweetie.


Besides hundreds of horses, ponies, and burros there are traditional woodworkers, blacksmiths, and a small herd of sheep to be shorn.  It’s time for me to head back out, there is a whole section of town I didn’t get to this morning with fowl, rabbits, pottery, and more food, of course.  Then tonight is a concert of Andean music.



  1. Derek Hodkin said,

    rather like LA really I imagine!!

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    Yes, except for the woodworkers, blacksmiths, horses, cheese, sheep, lovely surroundings and lack of traffic!

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