19 August, 2009 at 2:23 pm (life, local) (, )

window2 It is hot!  A good reason to take a break and walk along where the horses will be during the market this weekend.l'ecole2

I will not be actually buying a horse (this week anyway), but will be taking photos for a piece I am working on.  The winds have started to blow down from the hills so the temperatures should be cooler by then.



  1. kat said,

    i insist you stop having such a glorious time!!

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    I’m only doing it because you can’t be here. See, I’m enjoying it *for* you, on your behalf, so to speak. Otherwise of course, I would just shut myself in the attic and work. Really.
    Even this weekend, during the flea market and horse sale. Well, okay, not this weekend, but only because so many friends will be there that it would be unsociable. 😉
    But you are busy covering the bébé in kisses anyway!

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