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This is the view I should have been looking out on today as I worked…but did not.  It is the fourth and last day of the village festival, even tonight people only started showing up around 11-ish when the band got going, it will taper off about 4am, thus the reduced daytime productivity.  I did notice the pétanque balls were clinking all day (it is such a satisfying sound somehow), apparently unaffected by the late nights.

I have little experience with village festivals in any country, but to me the crowd here looks far more urban than party-goers in les Etats-Unis outside of the big cities NY, LA, SF, Boston & Miami, and the range of ages on the dance floor is much wider.  The eight-year-old daughter of my neighbour began the evening at 9:30 on the bumper cars and was dancing with no sign of slowing down at midnight.

Next weekend is the vide-grenier (flea market) and horse sale, I don’t want to eat this week so that I can buy more bits for assemblages.



  1. Maureen Krause said,

    WOW!! How fabulous is that!! When I was in Sevilla, the squares are filled every night with partiers! I had such a great time!! The EU is so much more social that Canada, I really loved every place I went!! One day, I’d like to visit your Mom in France, and enjoy a festival like that!!

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    It would be fun to have us all here, we should have a reunion and take over the town!
    I think you are right, the Spanish and the Italians are at the top of the list when it comes to partying, we are just trying to keep up.

  3. kat said,

    what a beautiful view! i’ve nearly packed all my belongings, so should be there soon. you know, to move in.

  4. blue-eyed crow said,

    Yay, because I miss you and then I’ll get to hold the bébé! I’ll borrow a car and meet you at the airport. (And anything you forget to pack we’ll pick up at a vide-grenier.)

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