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What an amazing number of people can pack into a house when there is a band, eh?  Especially when there are violins, a mandolin, guitar, whistles and a bodhrán (that last is essential).   One of the violinists was 12 years old, a 78-year-old sang two solos.  Of course towards the end of the evening the songs of separation and rebel tunes came out.  Athenry was summoned, and a song that started with an Irish boy losing his leg in the American civil war ended with Bush and his Iraq war.  Predictable, but perfect.


  1. Bob said,

    I just started to play the Bodhran about a year ago. Having a horrible time with my fingers blistering and bleeding from the tipper. Any suggestions?

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    I wish I had some for you, but I am merely an appreciative audience! I love percussion, and good for you for taking up a trad instrument.

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