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As usual I start making something and need a tool I don’t yet own (although there can’t be many left in that category).  Of course, the hardware store down the street doesn’t carry circlip pliers, either internal or external, so it’s left to internet shopping to save the day.

A close friend of mine pooh-pooh’s New Year’s Resolutions, he says you should make changes in your life through-out the year, whenever you think of it.  I agree (being fond of change, in general), but I think it’s good to be reminded periodically to examine your life, just in case you get caught up in things and forget to take a step back, look at the big picture and decide on any additions and/or alterations.  My list will get longer, but my first resolution for this year is to open an Etsy store this Spring.



  1. maltagirl said,

    oh i can’t wait to see this in person. so pretty!

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    Good! I may forge a chain and make the upper one into a necklace, the copper leaf with the pearl I might put on to the front of a metal assemblage book.

  3. Mike Jennings said,

    This is looking promising, though…

    My poor wife arranged to get circlips pliers at great expense from the UK, having a friend there order them to avoid tariffs, etc. When they arrived they were internal — totally useless. Then, she was so happy — at the local Daiso she found a pair for $3 — but not only were they not the straight kind — they were still interior! Poor sweet thing.

    Hey, here’s something you might like — a Tyco Brahe conspiracy theory:

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