beach glass

24 October, 2008 at 5:23 am (life) (, , , , , )

At the beach the other day it occurred to me that I have never lived more than ten miles from an ocean (not always the same one).  I had a pet starfish when I was a kid, I’d get mussels and clams from the beach across the street to feed him.

Years later, and further inland, I had a enormous one-eyed frog as a pet (named Argus, of course), who would act peevish when I tricked him into eating a mouse instead of his preferred goldfish.  He was actually a mouse-eating species of frog but apparently felt more comfortable as a pescatarian.


  1. Auntie Carole said,

    I read a recent article about a Scottish artist who uses beach glass as precious stones in her jewelery. She claims that some beach glass colours are very rare now, being snatched up by collectors. The patina of sand/sea washed glass is stunning!!! Add it to your collecting!

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    I agree, I especially love the bits that are the same colour as these waves. I’m planning on using some in my pieces this winter, but it does seem harder to find than in the past.

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