17 October, 2008 at 6:19 am (family, work) (, , , , , )

I grew up in a map & chart loving family, they hung on the walls, filled drawers, burst from pockets in the car, and were consulted frequently.  I especially love ancient maps, they are so beautiful, at the same time more complicated and simpler than modern maps.  Just looking at them brings adventures to mind – Maria Sibylla Merian arriving in Surinam in 1699, my aunties bribing their way across a Chinese border decades ago (and getting arrested), being 17 and trying to find a long enough train ride in Austria that I can get some sleep.  Because I have been working with metal recently they are not very prominent in my current pieces, but some boxes develop stories as they progress and end up with a map fragment hidden somewhere inside.


  1. bev said,

    mmmmm maps are wonderful! Looking at some of the recent photos on your blog, I think you might really like this artist I found last night on the web — Miriam Wosk. Be sure to watch the video on her website about how she works. I would kill (well.. maybe not *kill* — lol!) for this woman’s image collection —

  2. blue-eyed crow said,

    Thanks so much for the link, her collages are gorgeous! She does seem to have amassed a great image collection, I love the really big ones especially (I’m all about really big or very tiny, it’s the middle area I’m not so good at). The film is a good addition to her website.

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